Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cake! Scones! Oh my!

I’m worse at uploading pictures that I expected I would be. I was looking everywhere for my camera cord for a few days before I decided to check the obvious spots and found it in my computer bag. Silly me.

Note that the berry sauce looks globby because, well, it was. I don't have a strainer because I'm far too lazy to ever actually use one. So the sauce kind of looked like congealed blood. Which was highly amusing to me because my friend made blood sausage for the main course. We didn't plan this, I swear!

The cake turned out decently. The next evening it was decent, although my friend said you could tell it was gluten free (darn it!), but the day after it had an aftertaste that I disliked thoroughly. I had three people at work ask me for the recipe though so apparently it wasn’t that bad! Maybe they were just trying to flatter me, who knows.

I threw out what was leftover and made another batch of scones over the weekend (Jenna is killing me with the scones recipes – I can’t stop!). I had to double the amount of cream and they were still much drier than the strawberry ones and crumbled too much when eating. That said, they were much easier to handle and not as messy getting on to the pan. I know she said these were her best scones yet, but I like the strawberry ones better. It’s all about personal preference! Sorry about the photo, my photography skills need some help!

I also made carrot cake oatmeal via Oh She Glows over the weekend although I made some minor tweaks to her recipe due to the ingredients I do/do not have – and after two trips to the market, I wasn’t going again! I’m still trying to figure out what else I can do with all the carrots I’m getting in my CSA but I think it’ll be more carrot oatmeal, at least for the time being. I wish I could figure out a lower calorie way to make it creamy than using milk/cream, especially since I personally don’t feel like almond milk heats well (although I see people do it).

No baking coming up over the weekend – I’m cutting myself off! – but I may make a batch of chili if I have time…

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