Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ankle Update

While I started this blog with good intentions and lofty goals, they've already slipped away. Well, I need to stop making excuses and dreaming of blog entries and actually *do* them. It's an amazing concept, isn't it?

I was rereading my previous entries and I feel like I should provide an update. Unfortunately, my ankle is still bothering me. A good friend of mine put the fear of serious injury into my mind over Christmas so I finally went to the doctor in late January - it took that long to get an appointment!

It turns out that I have a sprain of my Achilles tendon and an overstretched ligament on the inside of my ankle. Basically this means that it hurts. I'm in PT which is going so-so and I'm doing my exercises regularly in hopes that I can get back up and running soon. I have ambitious goals for running and my health this year so I'm anxious to start achieving!